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This website provides an overview of the range of avionics design and repair services provided by the group. For further information, take a look at avionics articles located on this website.

Custom Avionics Installations


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Aircraft Repairs

FAR Certification Modes A / C / S


To meet the engineers’ requirements, Lytron designed and manufactured a chiller compatible with PAO. The chiller included a ½ HP centrifugal pump, Parker Push-Lok® hoses, brass fittings, a brass flow switch, a 5-micron filter, an anti-siphon system, and an internal insulation package.

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FAR 91.411 Aircraft Solutions


The mechanical seals used on the ½ HP centrifugal pump and the compression brass fittings used on the Parker Push-Lok® hoses provided the tight seal that’s necessary when working with PAO.

Aircraft Restoration